Serendipity: Angel

Last week I posted some shots of a little girl photographed at a friend’s wedding. Here is portrait of a grown up pretty girl taken on that same day. I’m thrilled to say it is my girlfriend Jacklyn. Whether we are cycling, preparing a delicious homemade meal, or getting dolled up for a wedding, this […]

Serendipity: Flower Girl

This past weekend I attended the wedding of a good friend. The event took place under beautiful blue skies on a stunning afternoon in Berkeley’s Tilden Park. I brought a small camera with me to the event, but promised myself that I would leave the heavy shooting to the hired pros. I have a lot […]


Living in Berkeley, I see something new every day. Literally. Even after two decades living here, I almost always see something new every time I leave the house. For better or for worse! As a photographer, I have frequently thought that I should be one of those guys who caries a camera everywhere, armed and […]