Stepping in to the Ring

I recently got a call from the Marketing Director at a small start-up in headquartered in Berkeley. She needed headshots of their whole team for the website, and wanted relaxed and candid posing, with a more “punchy” look than the standard corporate headshot, reflecting their young and dynamic company culture.

After a short phone conversation to discuss her goals, and reviewing some sample images that she liked, I recommended going with a “ring flash” look on a pure white background. A ring flash is a specialized lighting tool with a circular flash tube that is mounted around the lens of the camera. This results in a perfectly centered, shadowless, crisp light. It is also a compact space-saving lighting option, which was perfect because the start-up was housed in a small office with limited space. (I ended up setting up in an entryway next to the elevator!)

On the day of the photo shoot I arrived and set up quickly, and photographed the small team in just a couple of hours. I then sat down with the Marketing Director, and we made image selections for everyone on the spot. I ended up recommending a square crop, which would further differentiate the look of their portraits from a traditional corporate headshot.

Here are a few sample images:

I own a ring flash, but rarely use it for corporate work. I appreciate my client’s vision for their photography, and openness to going a little bit outside the box. I am very pleased with the outcome of these portraits, and am inspired to try this look more often.