Wedding Bells

Readers of this blog will have noticed that my posts slowed to a trickle during the past few months. I had a busy Spring and Summer of work, with many interesting projects. However, the main reason I have been M.I.A. has been that I’ve been busy planning my wedding. My fiance and I planned an intimate event, but it still took the better part of a year to plan and organize.

I am pleased to say that our wedding last month went perfectly. All the little details were executed smoothly, but moreover, the weather was spectacular, all our loved ones were in attendance, and I got to marry the love of my life.

Photo by Amanda Tung, Blueberry Photography

One novelty of getting married for me was shopping for a photographer from the client perspective, and being exclusively in front of the camera on the big day. Happily, we found an excellent local wedding photographer who did great work.

I am very skilled at the kind of photography I do, but for various reasons I have never been oriented toward wedding photography. It is good for a photographer to recognize what they are and are not drawn to, since passion about the subject matter is what makes an artist achieve great things. Our photographer, Amanda, was perfectly suited to wedding photography. I enjoyed watching a fellow creative professional do high-level work—from our pre-sale consultation to the wedding day itself. It was a pleasure to give her our business.

Now that the wedding (and all the related planning and prep) are over, I am excited to get back to many of the normal activities that got pushed to the side this year—including this blog!

Stay tuned.