Living in Berkeley, I see something new every day. Literally. Even after two decades living here, I almost always see something new every time I leave the house. For better or for worse!

As a photographer, I have frequently thought that I should be one of those guys who caries a camera everywhere, armed and ready for whatever decisive moment leaps out in front of me. Last Fall I made my best effort at being an every day documentarian, when I spent a few months intensely photographing the people and textures of my neighborhood in a project that I called Portrait of Berkeley.

Bartholomew (& Kitten) | Telegraph Ave -- When I stopped to ask this man to do a portrait, I didn't notice the kitten sitting to his far side. I took 3-4 frames, and at some point the kitty poked his or her head around. I didn't even notice until I got home and reviewed the pictures.
Hannah | Telegraph Ave -- I met Hannah making and selling journal books. Her creativity was showcased in each unique book, as well as in the nice little display case made out of a small chest and trunk.
Ibrahim | Shattuck Ave -- A self-described nomadic world traveler, originally from Egypt and currently based in Berkeley.

In order to inspire myself to shoot and share more daily photography like this, I’m introducing the Serendipity column on my blog. This column will be a showcase for found moments, photographed in my hometown and beyond. Stay tuned!