Camp ImprovUtopia

I started my Improvisors project just over a year ago, setting out to make portraits of improv performers in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. During the past year, I have gathered folks at my studio, photographed visiting performers at the San Francisco Improv Festival, attended the Committee Reunion, and even traveled to New York to photograph East Coast improvisors. I have had so much fun, met so many interesting people, and made hundreds of great portraits. What a great year. (Hopefully, the first of many!)

Back in May, I mentioned on this blog that I would be attending Camp ImprovUtopia, where I would be making more portraits during the Memorial Day weekend. I ended up photographing most of the campers over a two-day period—63 in total! Big thanks to Nick Armstrong and all the Camp staff for hosting me.

I was buried under a pile of great images after that weekend. The sheer volume, combined with an incredibly busy Summer of work, delayed the processing of the images. However, after almost four months, I am now glad to announce that they are finally ready!

Here are some of the best images from that great weekend:

Thank you to everyone who delivered great improv performances in front of my camera, taking time out of a very busy weekend already chocked full of improv. Nick Armstrong (pictured above, with the bandana) puts on a fantastic camp, and I’m already registered for next year, so I can have more fun, meet more great people, and make more portraits!