Summer Camp

I’m going to camp!

I was lucky enough to be one of the attendees at the very first Camp ImprovUtopia summer camp and improv workshop intensive. This education and team-building retreat was started by Nick Armstrong a few years ago, and is held each Memorial Day weekend in Cambria, California.

This Camp draws improvisors from all over the country, and internationally. It was, in part, what inspired me to start my Improvisors project, because when I was there I saw what incredible range and depth of talent there was in the improv community.

I missed Camp last year, but am glad to be going back this year—to sharpen my improv chops (which is great for working with my wide range of portrait clients) and to make portraits for my Improvisors project. Nick has given his blessing to have me set up and make portraits while I am at Camp. I can’t wait to meet everyone, and to share my results on the blog when I return!

Here is my portrait of Camp ImprovUtopia founder, Nick Armstrong, made when he was in San Francisco to perform at the San Francisco Improv Festival.