A Portrait for the Holidays

Most of my time is spent making portraits of professionals for business purposes. However, at this time of year, things shift for a few weeks toward family portraiture. Lots of folks look at the holidays as an excuse to get an updated personal portrait. It’s so easy to print up custom greeting cards with online services. The addition of a really nice portrait on the front makes a special (and easy) gift. And of course a good old fashioned custom print (remember prints?) makes a very special gift indeed.

Along with the traditional nuclear family groups with one or two kids who always call during the holidays, this year I have received a lot of requests from young couples. I have found myself really enjoying working with this client base. They are almost always youthful, photogenic and very much in love, which makes for good photos.

This past weekend I photographed a couple who didn’t have a decent portrait of them together taken since their wedding 3+ years ago. Well, we fixed that.

We started in the studio, with a simple, elegant portrait:

After a couple of set-ups and wardrobe changes in the studio, we decided to step outside and shoot some more casual portraits. My studio is located in a somewhat industrial zone, but there are soft spots, if you know where to look. They strolled and chatted while I hung back and captured candid moments. Here is my favorite:

I enjoy the change of pace when photographing couples, families and kids during the holidays. I love the people I meet, and a well-made portrait really does make a unique and memorable gift. For all you holiday procrastinators out there, it’s not too late. Whoever you hire to do your photography, act fast to ensure that prints can be ready in time for gifting.

Happy Holidays!