NYC Street Photography

As I reviewed year-old images for my NYC Halloween blog post, a rush of memories came back about that and other trips to New York. It’s a cliche, but New York really is the greatest city in the world in many ways—including for street portraiture.

I had a lot of meetings while I was in New York last year at this time, and I was more focused on showing my images to magazine editors than on taking photos while I was there. Nevertheless, I did do some street photography with my (then new) Olympus E-PM1 camera. Compact and stealthy. Ideal for street photography.

Here are a few of my favorite street portraits, starting with a few more Halloween day shots:

And what would a street portrait series be without some people and animals (in this case, people interacting with their phones, with dogs looking on):

On a more serious note, Occupy Wall Street was in full swing in Fall of 2011, and people were camped out in freezing (literally) temperatures at the main encampment. It even snowed a couple of days before I took these pictures. I think this portrait of a man eating a meal from underneath a blanket says it all:

Where is Waldo’s bailout?

Finally, street portraiture is all about paying attention to the details that can anticipate a fleeting moment, or just lead you down a path you hadn’t planned for. One night, walking down Houston Street late in the evening, my eyes focused on an unusual flyer taped to a lamp post.

No person in the photo, but a portrait nonetheless, don’t you think?