Amateur Car Photography

Last year, I said goodbye to my beloved but aging Volkswagen, and upgraded to a more practical work vehicle for hauling gear around to location shoots (which I find myself doing more and more these days). After some shopping around, I settled on a Subaru Forester. In the year and change that I have owned it, I have nothing but good things to say about it. Great car.

One surprise benefit of my Subaru is that the dirtier I get it and the farther off-the-beaten-path I take it, the more it looks like a perfectly styled Subaru commercial! Below are two shots I took of it this Summer on two trips to different locations in the Sierras. It defies logic, but my Subaru sparkles more when it is peppered with mud and dirt, and parked in a remote location. It’s like a dog wagging its tail after emerging from a muddy romp, as if to say “Yes, Master! More! More! This is my idea of a good time!

These are just snapshots (one taken with a point & shoot camera, the other with an iPhone). But to my eye these images are indeed remarkably similar to the elaborately styled “real” Subaru photos I see on billboards and in print ads.

Truth in advertising? You be the judge. Here is an older Subaru Forester print ad from the ’90s (borrowed from the annals of history housed on the internet):