Take the Road Less Traveled (And Make Sure You Have a Camera With You!)

A common photography truism is that the fanciest camera in the world is no good if you don’t have it with you when you need it.

Another less often mentioned truism about “getting the shot” is that sometimes you have to mix things up to see what’s right in front of you with a clearer perspective.

I am a life-long Bay Area resident. This Summer my girlfriend and I trained for a century bike ride (100 miles). Training for this took us all over the East Bay (and beyond), and I am seeing my own environment in a new way from a bicycle. I’ve noticed houses on side-streets that I never would have seen if I was in my car on the main thoroughfare. I’ve seen major landmarks, like our famous bridges, from new angles. And I’ve gone out at times of day when light strikes things differently than if I was just doing my typical routine.

This experience has reminded me that it’s worth shaking up the normal routine as an artist. Take the road less traveled, and have that camera ready (even if it’s attached to a phone) for when something interesting comes along.

The following photo was taken with my iPhone while on a sunset ride along the Bay Trail, near the Richmond Marina. A fog bank rolled in and mixed with the bright setting sun to create interesting silhouettes. Cropping and color/contrast adjustments made in Photoshop. (Click on image to view large.)