A Growing Boy

A good friend gave birth to her first child last Fall, and she brought him to my studio early this year for his first “official” portrait at around 8 months old. He was a joy, and the results were fantastic. Here is my favorite shot from the session:

I was excited to get another call from my friend a few weeks ago, asking me to do a follow-up portrait session with her baby boy, who is now a crawling, walking and climbing machine! He arrived at the studio and immediately flashed his same irresistible smile:

Being as mobile as he was, we didn’t stay inside the studio for long. The morning sun was shining, so we headed down the road to one of Berkeley’s beautiful parks. Upon arrival, our little star immediately climbed up a playground structure at the entrance of the park and began navigating its corridors with great curiosity and enthusiasm:

Then it was time to explore the rest of the park:

Finally, after an hour of running around and having his picture taken, it was time for our star to sit down and tell his best friend, “Puppy”, all about his adventures:

Some days it is a sheer pleasure to do what I do. I hope to have my little photo subject back in another six months to have some more fun and take some more pictures!