There is no greater dog-lover than me. Dogs are the best. I grew up with a delightful female golden retriever who lived to be 16.5 years old, so I am particularly fond of sweet old doggies.

Early last month, I had the pleasure of making some portraits of my friend’s 14-year-old dog, Ollie. (That’s 98 in dog years!) She was a sweet and gentle old lady, and exemplified the great qualities of dogs. Particularly impressive was her resilience and joy, despite debilitating illnesses and injuries related to extreme old age.

We went to a park near Ollie’s home, and made some portraits while strolling around the lawn in the dappled late afternoon sunlight. My two favorite images are displayed below.

Ollie died last weekend. She had a good long life, but her loss was still tremendous for everyone—myself included—whose life she touched. I feel lucky to have had the priviledge of making portraits of Ollie in her twilight. The photos from that day serve as a reminder of the power and value of photographs.