Last week I had the opportunity to meet and photograph the executive team at in Oakland, California. The popular search site and parent company of is in the process of updating its corporate information webpage and executive profiles, which currently don’t include portraits. Back in early August, I was referred to a Senior […]

Shooting Myself

When my new website (and this blog) went live on August 1, 2012, it required a headshot of yours truly for my “About” page. As I prepared the final draft of my website and filled my portfolios with image with relative ease, I struggled to find a suitable portrait of myself to accompany my bio. […]

Food, Shelter, Clothing…Headshot

A quality headshot has become an essential component of a business professional’s toolkit. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles are as informative to employers as a resume, and they are often the real first impression that an applicant makes, before the interview itself. And whether employers admit it or not, the profile photo that sits front and […]

Amateur Car Photography

Last year, I said goodbye to my beloved but aging Volkswagen, and upgraded to a more practical work vehicle for hauling gear around to location shoots (which I find myself doing more and more these days). After some shopping around, I settled on a Subaru Forester. In the year and change that I have owned […]