NYC Street Photography

As I reviewed year-old images for my NYC Halloween blog post, a rush of memories came back about that and other trips to New York. It’s a cliche, but New York really is the greatest city in the world in many ways—including for street portraiture. I had a lot of meetings while I was in […]

NYC Halloween

This past week was Halloween, and also the time of a devastating freak storm along the East Coast. Both of these events reminded me of exactly one year ago when I was in New York City during the last week of October. On the last weekend of October 2011 a freak snow storm coated New […]

Shooting Myself

When my new website (and this blog) went live on August 1, 2012, it required a headshot of yours truly for my “About” page. As I prepared the final draft of my website and filled my portfolios with image with relative ease, I struggled to find a suitable portrait of myself to accompany my bio. […]

SFIF Post-Script: Musings on Creative Risk-Taking

This is my last of several blog posts about doing portraits at the San Francisco Improv Festival in August. But in case you are wondering if this is turning into an improv blog instead of a photography blog, this entry is really about pursuing personal projects (as a photographer or any sort of creative person). […]

Improv Teachers & Students

My last blog entries were from the early part of the San Francisco Improv Festival, where I was photographing performers. I went back for a couple more days of shooting portraits and got some great stuff, but then I got slammed with a series of major jobs, and had no time to sort through much […]

Behind the Scenes: Improvisors at SFIF

This week I’ve been posting portraits from the San Francisco Improv Festival. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to photograph improvisors! Such creativity, generosity and commitment. A photographer’s dream. The Festival producers have allowed me to bring my somewhat elaborate Improvisors portrait lighting set-up backstage in the early evening before show, to […]

WeirDass at the SF Improv Festival

My schedule had me back at the San Francisco Improv Festival ( shooting performer portraits on Saturday. The headliners for the night were the husband and wife duo of Stephanie Weir (MADtv, Modern Family, Weeds) and Robert Dassie (Community, HBO’s Funny or Die), collectively known as WeirDass. I had some back-and-forth communication with them about […]

Shooting Stars at the SF Improv Festival

One of my great passions over the past several years has been improv theater. I took an introductory class on a whim in 2009 and was immediately hooked. Almost everything I’ve ever done (including photography) has involved doing something different every day, as well as a healthy dose of problem-solving. Improv takes doing new things […]