A Show of Hands

Most headshots live up to their name—tight portraits cropped closely around the head and shoulders. Small image sizes on most websites and social media dictate that portraits need to be pretty tight just to get a good view of the face. Recently, I have been doing some portraits that are a bit wider. This is […]

Holiday Cheer

Fall is upon us, and the holidays are fast approaching. For my corporate clients, that means holiday parties. Many of the same companies that hire me to make portraits of their executives and staff, bring me in again during the holiday season to photograph their big annual party. Holiday parties are a treat to photograph, […]

Wedding Bells

Readers of this blog will have noticed that my posts slowed to a trickle during the past few months. I had a busy Spring and Summer of work, with many interesting projects. However, the main reason I have been M.I.A. has been that I’ve been busy planning my wedding. My fiance and I planned an […]


Ten years ago today I became a photographer. On May 1, 2003, I left a career in the corporate world—everything that was familiar, everything I had been formally trained to do, and what all my peers were doing—to place a risky bet in pursuit of my long-term happiness. I had been an artist all my […]

Food, Shelter, Clothing…Headshot

A quality headshot has become an essential component of a business professional’s toolkit. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles are as informative to employers as a resume, and they are often the real first impression that an applicant makes, before the interview itself. And whether employers admit it or not, the profile photo that sits front and […]

SFIF Post-Script: Musings on Creative Risk-Taking

This is my last of several blog posts about doing portraits at the San Francisco Improv Festival in August. But in case you are wondering if this is turning into an improv blog instead of a photography blog, this entry is really about pursuing personal projects (as a photographer or any sort of creative person). […]