Amateur Car Photography

Last year, I said goodbye to my beloved but aging Volkswagen, and upgraded to a more practical work vehicle for hauling gear around to location shoots (which I find myself doing more and more these days). After some shopping around, I settled on a Subaru Forester. In the year and change that I have owned […]

Improv Teachers & Students

My last blog entries were from the early part of the San Francisco Improv Festival, where I was photographing performers. I went back for a couple more days of shooting portraits and got some great stuff, but then I got slammed with a series of major jobs, and had no time to sort through much […]

Behind the Scenes: Improvisors at SFIF

This week I’ve been posting portraits from the San Francisco Improv Festival. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to photograph improvisors! Such creativity, generosity and commitment. A photographer’s dream. The Festival producers have allowed me to bring my somewhat elaborate Improvisors portrait lighting set-up backstage in the early evening before show, to […]

WeirDass at the SF Improv Festival

My schedule had me back at the San Francisco Improv Festival ( shooting performer portraits on Saturday. The headliners for the night were the husband and wife duo of Stephanie Weir (MADtv, Modern Family, Weeds) and Robert Dassie (Community, HBO’s Funny or Die), collectively known as WeirDass. I had some back-and-forth communication with them about […]

Shooting Stars at the SF Improv Festival

One of my great passions over the past several years has been improv theater. I took an introductory class on a whim in 2009 and was immediately hooked. Almost everything I’ve ever done (including photography) has involved doing something different every day, as well as a healthy dose of problem-solving. Improv takes doing new things […]

Serendipity: Angel

Last week I posted some shots of a little girl photographed at a friend’s wedding. Here is portrait of a grown up pretty girl taken on that same day. I’m thrilled to say it is my girlfriend Jacklyn. Whether we are cycling, preparing a delicious homemade meal, or getting dolled up for a wedding, this […]

A Modest Home Office

I have an old friend who is a skilled electrician. When I first moved in to my new studio space I asked him to do some wiring work for me, since I needed to beef up the electrical infrastructure to run my lighting equipment. He was happy to do the work in trade, and he […]

26 VIPs and an Elevator

I have had the pleasure of working with Walmart eCommerce on a few occasions. Their photo production team is great, and they have a fantastic facility. In July, I was asked to photograph an event at the headquarters building. A Chinese diplomatic delegation was to visit and meet with the CEO and other executives at […]